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J. Kevin White Photography

Gift Certificates

Do you need a gift for a wedding, birthday, thank you, or any other special occasion?
How about a gift of photography?!
We are now offering GIFT CERTIFICATES in any denomination that may be redeemed here at my website or at any of the fairs and festivals where I display my work.

To purchase a gift certificate, simply:
1) Go to Paypal's "send money" page,
2) Enter my email address in the "To" section: ,
3) Enter your own email address in the "From" section,
4) Enter the amount of the gift certificate in the "Amount" section,
5) In the section that says "Send money for" click on the "services/other" option,
6) Click the "continue" button,
7) On the following page, Paypal will have you confirm your credit card information (or they will have you fill it in if you're a first time customer),
8) Write the name of the recipient and the address you would like us to mail the gift certificate to in the "Message" section. If we're sending it to the recipient directly, please let us know what you would like us to say on the card
and finally...
9) Click the "Send Money" button.

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