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J. Kevin White Photography

The Man and His Muse


Kevin studied Fine Art Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York and Fine Art at Plymouth State College in Plymouth, New Hampshire.
He resides in Hope, Maine with Pam Collins, wife, chief executive officer, financial record keeper, friend to animals, printing & matting expert and muse.

Artist Statement

I photograph what interests me visually. I try not to think too deeply as to why I am making a photograph, but respond to the subject on a purely intuitive, visual and spiritual level. Thus, making a photograph becomes a form of quiet meditation for me, with the camera compelling me to slow down and to focus on only the present moment in time, I frame the space offered and during that time nothing else matters .

These images are from places and things that called to me, asking me to stop, look more closely and to spend more time. My hope is the viewer may have a similar connection to the photographic representation of time and space that initiated the taking of the photograph in the first place.

J. Kevin White Photography   (207) 542-1253