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J. Kevin White Photography

Portraits of Children - Newborn to Graduates

History and Philosophy

Thank you for considering me to photograph your child or children.  To assist in your decision I thought you might like to know a little about me and my philosophy.

 I have truly enjoyed photographing children since I picked up my first camera in 1966.  At the time I was working as a summer playground leader to earn tuition for college.  Setting up a crude darkroom in an unbelievably hot upstairs closet,  I began processing film and making prints of the children on the playground for them to enjoy on the bulletin boards.  The kids loved seeing themselves in my washed out black and white enlargements and I fell totally in love with photography.

Later I studied Fine Art Photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, moved to Maine with my wife, Pam, and we raised our children.    While working primarily as a fine art photographer,  I have been provided with many opportunities for child portraiture as our children and their friends moved from infancy to adulthood.  Yet,  I must admit in looking back, one of my few regrets is that I did not take even more photographs of my own family.   I now understand meaningful photographs of the people we love are true gems that will continue to multiply and grow in their value for us as we become older.

My belief is that every child is totally unique and their individuality comes through in many subtle ways.  How we stand,  how we sit,  how we smile , when we smile, and many other outward aspects about us help reveal our true inner self .  Trying to capture that individual unique quality of your child in a meaningful and sensitive photograph is my goal during our portrait session together. 

If you are interested in talking with me or scheduling a session please give me a call at  207 542 1253.

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J. Kevin White Photography   (207) 542-1253

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