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J. Kevin White Photography

What's New?

New!     Prints on Canvas
I am very excited to be able to offer my images printed on stretched canvas. This presentation is lightweight and needs no additional framing. The edges of the print are hand painted in a matte black exterior paint for a finished look. Each print is also coated with a layer of Clear Shield Liquid Laminate which is an abrasion and water-resistant protective layer. (As a testimonial, a print was accidentally marked at one of my shows. I simply sprayed some Windex on a cloth, softly rubbed the soiled area and the result was fantastic - just like new.)

Canvases are available in the following sizes :
7 x 10 inch.............$32.00 + $7.50 shipping
10 x 15 inch...........$54.00 + $10.50 shipping
16 x 24 inch...........$125.00 + $12.50 shipping
21 x 32 inch...........$165.00 + $15.00 shipping
Panoramic Canvas:
Height varies from 9 - 15 inches, by 32 inches long..........$95.00-$125.00 + $12.50-$15.00 shipping
Not every image is available in all sizes so please e-mail me at to check availability.
Canvases may be shipped !! I will give you a quote depending on size and your location.

New!     We now offer Gift Certificates
Have you thought of giving the gift of photography to a friend but were not exactly sure which image they might enjoy the most? We are now offering gift certificates in the amount you choose, redeemable at my web site or any of the fairs and festivals where I exhibit.

J. Kevin White Photography   (207) 542-1253